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Creating Connection Through Communication, Speech Therapy, Speech Therapist
Hanen certified, floor time, DIR, neurodiverse friendly

Kelly Helmintoller

Speech-Language Pathologist

American Speech Language Hearing Association, Speech Therapy, Speech Therapist, Board Certified

Kelly's Credentials:

- Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA

- Master's Degree from Florida State University

- Bachelor's Degree from University of Central Florida

- Certified in Hanen's "It Takes Two to Talk" program

- Certified in Hanen's "More Than Words" program

- Trained in Natural Language Acquisition (Gestalt) 


My name is Kelly! I am the owner, operator, and sole practitioner for Speech Happy. I specialize in highly individualized treatment for the pediatric population. 


In my time as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I have experienced a variety of professional opportunities in both health care and educational settings. Gaining clinical experience across settings has gifted me opportunities to work with diverse groups of individuals and families. I have been able to obtain extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of speech-language disorders and exceptionalities. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with the wonderful kids and families that have allowed me to be part of their journey. I love seeing small steps of progress turn into big life changes. 



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Appreciate Individuality

I am committed to serving a wide range of clients with unique skills, interests, and values. The intervention process should encompass the whole child and their unique traits. I believe your child is remarkable and deserves to be appreciated for who they are. 


Family Involvement


Caregivers that establish communication strategies into their child's natural environment considerably improve their child's progress. When working with me, expect a collaborative environment where you are an essential part of the child's intervention.

Play Focused

Play is important to a child's development.  Children interact, communicate and connect through play. Play promotes engagement, positive emotion, and encourages developmental growth. Play is a foundational, vital component to my therapeutic process. 

Celebrate the Small Wins


 Progress takes time and persistence. It's all about those tiny victories! Every child has strengths and weaknesses progressing at their own pace. Every single small win along the way is valuable and calls for celebration. 



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